JAMstack Update January 11, 2020

The Year of Perfect Vision

Videos: Master Serverless! + Dynamic Generators

This month's event was about taking the static out of static websites and creating dynamic, rich experiences without sacrificing performance or security.

VIDEOS: GraphQL - All you ever wanted to know

GraphQL has taken the API world by storm! If you've been RESTing on your laurels we'll get you up to speed with an introduction to GraphQL and some helpful tips to remember when you build out your first GraphQL API.

12/7: Gatsby Days

Meet Gatsby creator, Kyle Mathews, and hear talks from Gatsby team members about the modern website stack, use cases and deep dive topics such as how to build web apps with Gatsby, and how to get started building with modern web development tools.

June 20 - Web Event: Tools for the Modern Developer

With Shannon Soper on GatsbyJS and Chris Coyier on Codepen

July 10th - Web Event: Static Site Generators — From Zero To “They Can Do That?!”

Are there good reasons why creating sites with an SSG is becoming so popular?

Welcome to the New the New Dynamic

We just launched the next iteration of the New Dynamic.

Interview with Michael Rose, designer and front-end developer

Michael Rose, one of the most active webdesigner in the Jekyll community, shares his vision on static site generators.

Interview with Bjørn Erik Pedersen, Hugo lead developer

As Hugo is getting more and more popular and fast, we ask a few questions to Bjørn Erik Pedersen, the current lead developer, about the past, present and future of Hugo.

Interview with Bud Parr, JAMstack engineer, Content Strategist

Bud Parr, founder of TheNewDynamic, shares his vision on the current state of the JAMstack ecosystem.

Migrating to Static, with Brian Rinaldi, author of “Working with Static Sites”

Perhaps you're intrigued by static sites but can't imagine going through the manual labor of extracting your current content into a new tool. Well - good news - most static site generators have some sort of migration tools...

CMS as Code + Pushing the Limits with Static Site Tools

We're heading to Brooklyn! This month we'll have two Sessions: CMS as Code by Dmytri Kleiner of Contentful, and a roundtable discussion with Kyle Mathews and Jeff Escalante, creators of two of the most advanced static build tools, Gatsby and Spike, respectively.

A Faster Better Way to Build Websites: Introduction to Static Site Generators

Ahead of our 'Jekyll in the Newsroom' event Bud Parr will introduce static site generators like Jekyll, and explain why people have become so excited about them recently.

Jekyll in the Newsroom

It’s all about Jekyll and journalism: Find out how ProPublica uses Jekyll and Grunt to report some of its biggest stories, including everything from helping a network of over 1,000 journalists cover Election Day in real time...

The New Dynamic NYC Meetup: Demo CMS for Jekyll and Hugo Static Sites

Demo CMS and a short presentation on "convince your boss/client"

Dynamic Static Site Strategies (and Other Tongue Twisters)

Explore some unexpected capabilities and characteristics of “static” sites


The free, online global conference for all things Jekyll (videos)

The JAM Stack

Netlify CEO Mathias Biilmann speaking at SmashingConf on the JAM Stack.

New Middleman v4.0 presented by its creator Thomas Reynolds

About the newest, largely re-written version Middleman

The Next Iteration of The New Dynamic

Jekyll, Netlify, CloudCannon, job board coming soon

Static is the New Dynamic Meetup

Why use Static Site Generators and How they Work

All things Jekyll at JekyllConf

Check out for information on the upcoming JekyllConf web-conference on Saturday 2nd May 2015

Full Stack Static

Joint Meetup with the New York Web Performance group (VIDEO, SLIDES)

Getting Started with Hugo: The world’s fastest framework for building websites.

In partnership with Reboot, this is a complete workshop for building sites with Hugo. We’ll cover why build static sites instead of traditional CMS-driven websites along with the concept of JAMstack, and what's so special about Hugo; We'll start with reviewing themes, content structure, basic templating, deployment and hosting.

Hacker Hours Workshop: Getting going with Jekyll

“Getting Going with Jekyll” is a beginner to intermediate workshop on building a website using the Jekyll static site generator.

Hacker Hours: Jekyll Workshop Part II

Deciding how to structure our content, reviewing the most powerful Jekyll filters as well as some must-have plugins. We'll continue making a real-world site that you can then use as a basis for your sites and get site up on a web host.

JAMstack at O'Reilly's Velocity Conference: Git-based or API-driven CMSs

In “Git-based or API-driven CMS” Chris Macrae breaks down the differences between the two different types of Headless CMS’ — Git-based and API-driven CMS’ — helping you decide on the right tools for your next web project.

Migrating from any CMS to Markdown

A tested process for Migrating out of any CMS

Presenting Jekyll 3.0

Review new features like incremental regeneration, Hook Plugin API, and the Liquid Profiler

Real World Content Strategy With Jekyll

Video and slides from JekyllConf 2016

Search for Static Sites

A presentation at the New Dynamic Meetup, by Aidan Feldman

Static Sites go all Hollywood

Break through the limits of static site generators with the use of a new breed of hosted tools and services.

Workshop: Best Practices in Static Web hosting

Continuous deployment with Aerobatic and Bitbucket

Zurb Foundation and Static Web Tech

How Foundation 6 uses their new static site generator Panini as a central build tool