January Meetup: Offline First for your Static Site + The Journey from CMS to Static (video)

Looking forward to a great Meetup to kick off 2017 with Tom Kraak from AOL on coming to static sites from a CMS world, and Jeff Posnick from Google, who has been working on applying Progressive Web App techniques to static sites.

First Talk: Going Static - Early Light Media’s Journey from MovableType to Jekyll and over to Roots

In late 2014, a small branding boutique was tasked with moving off of MovableType and onto a new publishing platform. From early consideration of WordPress to jumping head over heels into the world of modern static site generators, this is their story.

bio: Tom Kraak took to the Web in 2001 and has taken on a variety of roles, including founding his own web development agency. He currently teaches web development at Betamore and recently joined AOL as a UI Software Engineer.

Second talk: Offline-first for Your Static Site

Making a static site work offline-first can be a challenge, but the speed and availability benefits make it a worthwhile goal. In this talk, we’ll go over a few different approaches for implementing service worker-based caching, each with their own benefits and drawbacks:

  • Full-page caching
  • App Shell + dynamic content caching
  • Service worker rendering

At the end, we’ll dive into a new library that attempts to recreate the Jekyll site generation process inside of the browser, using service workers.

Bio: Jeff is a member of Google’s Web DevRel team, based in NYC. His mission is to build libraries that take the work out of using service workers.

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