JAMstack Update: November 2, 2019

The Fall Back Issue

I wrote a blog post in 2014 called “Want to Speed up Your Website? Skip the database.” Its outdated now (most of the tools mentioned no longer exist), but the promise of the JAMstack remains: performance, flexibility and simplicity. These are gifts we get for choosing this methodology, but what we do with them is up to us, as Artem Denysov concludes in his article “A Look at JAMstack’s Speed, By the Numbers.”

When I wrote that article I didn’t see things like a “Serverless Full Stack GraphQL CMS” being part of the space (see Nader Dabit’s entry in the Tools space below) and I didn’t foresee the world-wide success of tools like Gatsby and how they would challenge my notions of what a static site generator is, or could be. Nor did I foresee the world of products that would spring up around us. Part of me wants to fall back to that more simpler time when it was just us and our Markdown. Yet, I know that’s not the way forward. All of this change is a gift—like the original promise of the JAMstack—but we have to meet the challenge of navigating the landscape and making smart, informed choices.

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