eSolia had experimented with various other site generators, both proprietary and open source, and with server-side CMSs. We wanted the superior security and performance of a static site, without having to deal with development environment dependencies, meaning having to keep various libraries updated. Hugo, written in the modern Go language, fits that requirement perfectly. It is not only available as a single, easy-to-install binary file for Mac, Linux and Windows, it was written to be insanely great in terms of speed and performance. Most sites build in milliseconds; in fact it takes longer to sync them to your web host than it does to generate the site! We like it so much that we built my personal site Rick Cogley Central, eSolia’s English and Japanese sites, and finally, eSolia’s professional blog at in it. As of July 2015, Hugo’s community is vibrant, development is actively proceeding, and we’d love to welcome new users to the fold. Also see:Why Hugo? A static site generator optimized for performance