IBM MobileFirst Foundation

When we first released our site many many years ago it was mostly made of a very large number of PPT files containing our tutorials. Some years later, we decided to use WordPress as a modern tool to easily write and publish our materials with minimal effort. This was a great change that helped us modernize the content presentation and publication effort. However, as the content continued to grow we realized that due to our product release cycle WordPress was no longer the right tool to maintain such as a vast library of tutorials as it was not scalable. That’s when we started our quest. Things fell into place as technologies such as Jekyll, Git and Markdown were combined together, providing us with a way to work more efficiently across the board:

Jekyll was the right choice for us because it is well established and with an active community. Its toolset also fit us very nicely and it’s fun to work with. Going static made things faster by working with files locally instead of with a database and made the website lighter.

Tools we’re using:

  • GitHub Enterprise
  • TravisCI
  • IBM Bluemix DevOps Services
  • tool/