One of the most interesting solutions we tried came from a company called Netlify, and their project Netlify CMS.

We thought Netlify CMS might benefit us for the following reasons:

It’s built for use with Static Site Generators so we get to keep the speed, security and scalability benefits that drew us to SSGs in the first place

It’s SSG agnostic, so it would work with our existing Jekyll site but not prevent us from changing our mind down the road (hi there, GatsbyJS!)

There is no database backend since content changes are stored as Git commits – which makes InfoSec folks happy!

It provides a simple and usable editor experience

It’s open source, so there is no vendor lock-in, and we can contribute features that are important to us back to the community

With buy-in from our stakeholders, we decided to move forward. We’ll talk about the decisions we had to make and show you how to integrate Netlify CMS with Jekyll on your own site.

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