Smashing Magazine

From the blog post at Netlify (we’ll add more later):

We wanted to deliver every single tool, detail, and functionality that Smashing Magazine desired. However, it was equally important to us that we made our efforts worthwhile for the community at large. We had the opportunity to show the JAMstack is the future of web development while building tools that could be used by the community growing around it. That is why everything we built for smashing is open source.

Per Smashing’s needs; the beginning of our technical roadmap was to build the following open source APIs:

  • GoTell - an API and build tool for handling large amounts of comments.
  • GoCommerce - a small Go based API for e-commerce sites that handles orders and payments.
  • GoJoin - an API that wraps Stripes subscriptions for Single Page Apps and sites.
  • GoTrue - a small open-source API written in golang that can act as a self-standing API service for handling user registration and authentication for projects. It’s based on OAuth2 and JWT and will handle user signup, authentication and custom user data.

You can find a list of those APIs on our open source page. There’s a whole technical journey behind these decisions and we will be sharing the details of that as well in a future post.