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About DatoCMS

DatoCMS is a fully customizable administrative area for your static websites. Use your favorite website generator, let your clients publish new content independently, host the site anywhere you like.

Which features were the most important for your agency?

Agency clients are often demanding and if something can be asked for, it will. So we needed flexibility, sure, but we also needed really good control over validation. A lot of CMSs are not built to be put in the hands of non-technical clients for extended periods of time, so you’ll watch a site crumble as a result of clients slowly breaking all the rules, like uploading a 10 MB image or pasting three paragraphs of text in a headline. We took great pride in building high quality software that would last, so we couldn’t let this happen.

Then you adopted DatoCMS…

Yes, we ended up finding a really good balance in Dato. It has a lot of flexibility, a good pricing range that accommodates both large and small projects, a great user experience even with deeply linked records, and a very thorough API.

Jeff Escalante on the DatoCMS blog


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