Videos: Dynamic Generators - Sergey Chernyshev

Sergey Chernyshev is going to talk about the reasons why we prefer generation+deployment workflow to calculating output in real time as users request information. We will review the difference between generation and caches and why the former is more preferred strategy while latter is often misleading with it’s declared ease of implementation.

And in the end we will look at the range of currently available solutions, from static generation to API-driven applications within JAMstack and introduce a new concept of “Dynamic Generators” and discuss how one can build a system that combines benefits of “generation” workflow and “dynamic” data to help expand fast User Experiences all the way across the full range of web application.

Sergey Chernyshev (@sergeyche) is web a performance enthusiast, open source hacker and web addict. He works as a principal engineer at Meetup and organizes New York Web Performance Meetup Group, local community of web performance geeks in New York and helps kick-start local groups about Web Performance around the world. Sergey teaches a live on-line course about performance with O’Reilly and often speaks on performance-related topics at various local New York events and global conferences, including Velocity and QCon.